Software Activation

The EcmSpy application consists of two parts: the software itself and a database, which holds the information how data is stored in an ECM's EEPROM. The database, which comes with the demo version of EcmSpy, does not permit to adjust EEPROM data read from a real ECM.

To make full use of your EcmSpy application, you will need to activate a database specific for your motorcycle. This will allow EcmSpy to work with EEPROM data from a real ECM, either fetched from the ECM or read from a data file.

Your database will be bound to exactly one computer by a key file and will not be read on other computers. The key file is generated by the EcmSpy software.

The activation of a database is fee-based, and the licence fee is dependent on the number of ECM types, that shall be supported by the software.

All participants of the EcmSpy project are working for free and bear the expenses. The licence fees will go directly to the UKBEG Emma Radford Memorial Fund, raising money for the Papworth Hospital Charity or (for german users only) to the Bärenherz Foundation, running hospices for critically ill children.

After activation, a database installer file will be made available in your personal download area. This might need up to one day, but commonly your datase will be ready for download within one hour.

Commercial use of the software is NOT permitted. All programs and data are subject to the licence agreement. Please read the licence agreement carefully. If you do not agree with it, then don't activate.

Please fill in your verified e-mail address and the password in the form below and push the "Submit" button to proceed to software activation. If you are not a registered user, you have to register first.

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