E-Mail Address Registration

To download EcmSpy with a test database, registration of an e-mail address is required. You will get a verification mail to the address given, containing a link that has to be clicked to complete registration. If you do not receive this verification mail within two hours, please check your spam folder.

The EcmSpy software is fully functional, but comes with a fictional EEPROM database and data file only. This EEPROM will not fit any existing ECM and is solely for testing purposes.

For troubleshooting current faults, the demo version will be sufficient in most cases. Please see the activation page for more detailed informations regarding the functionality of the demo version.

The test database is made for usability tests only. Modifying EEPROM data with the EcmSpy application requires the activation of an ECM-specific database. The activation is fee-based, the license fee is dependent on the number of ECM types, that will be supported by the software. All money will go to the UKBEG Emma Radford Memorial Fund, raising money for the Papworth Hospital Charity or (german users only) to the Bärenherz Foundation, running hospices for critically ill children.

Commercial use of the software is not permitted. All programs and data are subject to the license agreement. Please read the license agreement carefully. If you do not agree with it, then don't register.

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