EcmSpy - The Idea behind

EcmSpy is the integrated software solution for BUELL motorcycles equipped with DDFI fuel injection and engine control modules.

EcmSpy allows to easily record operating data from the ECM at runtime during practical and every-day test rides. When analyzing these data with EcmSpy, common sensor errors will be discovered and shown. Dynamically generated maps allow to check if the fuel metering is working correctly and will help to adjust fuelling for better overall performance, not just for maximum power. Furthermore many other settings can be adjusted, e.g. cold start enrichment, exhaust valve switching points or fan operation. EcmSpy supports concurrent data logging of up to two wideband O2 sensors, if necessary.

A more detailed overview over all supported functions provided by the EcmSpy software and recommend, well-proven workflows for data logging and analysis can be found in the user's guide.